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Park Garage provides a wide range of services for all your car, van and truck needs within the below sectors:


Park Garage Services - Services TickCar ServicingPark Garage Services - here to help

At Park Garage Services we offer full or mini services to keep your car in tip top condition. Just bring us your car and we can assure you that it will leave in the best condition possible. A car with a full service history will always sell for more than one without, so it is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment. A car service can also pre-empt any problems, meaning your car can be mended before the problem escalates into something more serious. We service all major car manufacturers at very competitive prices.



Park Garage Services - Services TickVehicle Diagnostics Health ChecksPark Garage Services - here to help

We carry out the most thorough vehicle diagnostics check on the market today. We will pin point any fault and help you come up with a solution to solve the problem. So if you are wondering why the light on the dashboard is on, or what that knocking sound might be, give us a call to arrange a diagnostic test. Often if the problem is spotted early you it can save you money in the long run.


Park Garage Services - Services TickCar RepairsPark Garage Services - here to help

Whether it be a small problem or a major job, we are here to make things right. Don’t put off a small repair as it will undoubtedly get worse. It is false economy to leave things, as they never just go away. It will not only hinder your cars performance but can also damage other parts of your car if left. Cost is always a concern when you think of car repairs but that is not always the case and you will never leave feeling you have been overcharged.

Below is a small list of repairs we undertake on a daily basis, enabling us to give accurate timescales as to how long we will need your car:


Park Garage Services - Services TickMOT's, Preparation
Park Garage Services - Services TickWelding
Park Garage Services - Services TickTyres & Exhausts
Park Garage Services - Services TickBatteries
Park Garage Services - Services TickBrakes & Clutches
Park Garage Services - Services TickCar Air Conditioning
Park Garage Services - Services TickCar Electrics

Plus many more! Give us a call if you have any questions relating to any car repair and we will happily help.



Park Garage Services - Services TickTyresPark Garage Services - here to help

We also offer tyre repair and replacements. We are able to supply most tyre types within the same day, if not the next day. We understand that it's important to get you back on the road as soon as possible. Call us today for our most up to date prices.

Park Garage Ltd - Services Prevent the problem, have a health check.


How will a diagnostic health check help me?

  1. Lower running costs through better fuel economy
  2. Reduce the risk of breakdown due to pending component failure.
  3. Confirmed operation of safety systems
  4. Improved performance


Call today more information or to book a Diagnostic Health Check

Park Garage Ltd - Services
  1. MOT's, Preparation
  2. Welding
  3. Tyres & Exhausts
  4. Batteries
  5. Computer Diagnostics
  6. Car Engine Tuning & Diagnostics
  7. Car Repairs
  8. Car Servicing
  9. Brakes & Clutches
  10. Car Air Conditioning
  11. Car Electrics

Park Garage Ltd - Services Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and we will be happy to help.

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We can service and repair all major car manufacturers:

Car Manufacturers Park Garage Services can Service and repair